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Hello readers!

Today is the day we learn some vocabulary. It is not necessary for you to byheart all the vocabulary but it is good to know some basic words for conversations. In this post FluentlyFast introduces you to professions!

Let's say it in Spanish

  • Professions- Los profesiones

  • To work- Trabajar

  • What do you do?- ¿A qué te dedicas? or ¿En qué trabaja/s?

  • I work in ...- Me dedico en ... or Trabajo en ...

English Spanish

Doctor Médico/a

Lawyer Abogado/a

Architect Arquitecto/a

Teacher Profesor/a, Maestro/a

Farmer Agricultor/a

Journalist Periodista

Firefighter Bombero/a

Housewife Ama de casa

Businessman Hombre de negocios

Businesswoman Mujer de negocios

Pilot Piloto/a

Policeman Policía

Policewoman Mujer policía

Air hostess Azafata

Model Modelo

Engineer Ingeniero/a

Mechanic Mecanico/a

Actor Actor

Actress Actriz

Dancer Bailador/a, Bailarín/a

Singer Cantante

Musician Músico/a

Scientist Científico/a

Manager Gerente

Painter Pintor/a

Photographer Fotógrafo/a

Waiter Camarero/a

Chef Cocinero/a

Writer Escritor/a

Poet Poeta

Poetess Poetisa

Carpenter Carpintero/a

Informatician Informatico/a

Boss Jefe/a

President Presidente

Hair stylist Peluquero/a

Director,Principal Director/a

Surveyor Agrimensor

Grocer,Shopkeeper Almacenero, Tendero

Cashier Cajero/a

Landlord Casero/a

Hunter Cazador/a

Surgeon Cirujano/a

Merchant Comerciante

Driver, Chauffer Conductor, Chofer

Counselor Consejero/a

Consultant Consultor/a

Accountant Contador/a

Maid Criada, Mucama

Nurse Enfermero/a

Judge Juez

Baker Panadero/a


Feel free to comment different professions you have come across while studying Spanish or a profession you need help translation with.

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