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Hello and welcome back to FluentlyFast!

Last post we learnt about what prepositions are and some most used prepositions. This post deals with a bigger list of them. Don't get scared seeing such a big list, because it's not necessary for you to remember all of these byheart- at least the complex ones. Since the more complex prepositions are a combination of words, it is enough to understand each word individually to estimate the meaning of the preposition.

Let's start with the types of prepositions!

Classification of prepositions-

Preposiciones simples

They are comprised of only one word. They are also known as 'preposiciones cerradas' or closed prepositions.

  1. a- at, to

  2. ante- before, compared to, in the face of

  3. bajo- under, below

  4. cabe- near, close to, by (old fashioned preposition, less used)

  5. con- with

  6. contra- against

  7. de- of, about, from

  8. desde- since, from

  9. durante- during, for

  10. en- in, into, by, inside, within, at

  11. entre- between, amongst

  12. excepto- except for

  13. hacia- towards, about, around

  14. hasta- until, as far as, up to, down to

  15. mediante- by means of

  16. para- for, in order to, to, by

  17. por- by, because of, through, about to

  18. según- according to, depending on

  19. sin- without

  20. so- under (old fashioned preposition, less used)

  21. sobre- on top of, over, above, about, upon

  22. tras- following after, working towards (after), behind the far side of

  23. vía- by means of, via

Locuciones prepositivas

They are known as 'preposiciones agrupadas' or complex prepositions. They are a sequence of more than two prepositions combined together to form one preposition and generally have a complex use and function as compared to simple prepositions.

  1. a cerca de- about, relating to

  2. a causa de- because of, owing to, due to

  3. a favor de- in favour of

  4. alrededor de- approximately, around (round), along

  5. antes de- before

  6. cerca de- close to, near

  7. con arreglo a- according to

  8. conforme a- according to

  9. de acuerdo con- in accordance with

  10. debajo de- under, beneath

  11. debido a- because of

  12. de entre- between

  13. delante de- in front of

  14. después de- after

  15. detrás de- behind

  16. en contra de- against, in opposition to

  17. encima de- on, above

  18. en cuanto a- with regard to, as for

  19. enfrente de- across from, in front of

  20. en medio de- in the middle of, amid

  21. en vez de- instead of

  22. en virtud de- by virtue of

  23. frente a- opposite, in opposition to, in the presence of

  24. fuera de- outside, out of, except for

  25. gracias a- thanks to, because of

  26. hasta con- even with

  27. hasta de- upto

  28. hasta en- even in

  29. hasta sin- even without

  30. hasta sobre- even on

  31. junto a- next to, beside, together with, along with

  32. lejos de- far from

  33. para con- to, towards

  34. por culpa de- because of, as a result of

  35. por entre- through, across

  36. por vía- through, by way of

  37. referente a- concerning, regarding

  38. respecto de- with respect to

  39. tras de- after, in addition to

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