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Hello and welcome back to FluentlyFast! Today we'll be diving into a fairly short and easy topic- seasons and weather or in Spanish 'Las estaciones y el clima'.

English Spanish

Season La estacíon

Spring La primavera

Summer El verano

Autumn El otoño

Winter El invierno

Monsoon El monzón

Weather El clima

The weather is nice Hace buen tiempo

The weather is bad Hace mal tiempo

It is hot Hace calor

It is cold Hace frío

It is sunny Hace sol

It is windy Hace viento

It is humid Hay humedad

It is sprinkling Hay lloviznas

It is pouring Hay lluvias torrenciales

It is foggy Hay niebla

It is cloudy Hay nubes

Comment your favourite season and why you like it.

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