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Hello readers! Hope you all had a good day. Today we'll be studying the vocabulary for family or in Spanish 'La familia'.

Let's dive in!

English Spanish

Parents Los padres

Mother Madre / Mamá

Father Padre / papá

Son Hijo

Daughter Hija

Brother Hermano

Sister Hermana

Grandparents Los abuelos

Grandfather Abuelo

Grandmother Abuela

Grand-son Nieto

Grand-daughter Nieta

Relatives Los parientes

Uncle Tío

Aunt Tía

Nephew Sobrino

Niece Sobrina

Cousin (male) Primo

Cousin (female) Prima

Husband Esposo

Wife Esposa

Father-in-law Suegro

Mother-in-law Suegra

Son-in-law Yerno

Daughter-in-law Nuera

Brother-in-law Cuñado

Sister-in-law Cuñado

Stepfather Padrastro

Stepmother Madrastra

Stepson Hijastro

Stepdaughter Hijastra

Stepbrother Hermanastro

Stepdaughter Hermanastra

Boyfriend El novio

Girlfriend La novia

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