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Hello to all our curious learners. Welcome back to FluentlyFast!

Today we have for you some directions and we hope they find the way into your brain.

So let's begin!

Las direcciones

English Spanish

North Norte

South Sur

East Este

West Oeste

North-east Noreste

North-west Noroeste

South-east Sudeste

South-west Sudoeste

Left Izquierda

Right Derecha

Where is ____? ¿Dónde está ____?

To the left A la izquierda

To he right A la derecha

Straight ahead Todo seguido

Next to Al lado de

In front of Enfrente de

In back of Detrás de

Up Arriba

Down Abajo

Near (to) Cerca (de)

Far (from) Lejos (de)

At the end of Al final de

At the beginning of Al comienzo de

Around the corner A la vuelta

The bridge El puente

Straight Derecho

Between Entre

To the north Hacia al norte

To the south Hacia al sur

To the east Hacia el este

To the west Hacia el oeste

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