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Hello from FluentlyFast. As promised here is part 2 of 'Articles' article. In the last post we discussed indefinite articles, now we'll dive into the world of definite articles. There are a few more rules for definite articles but don't worry, they are easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Los Artículos Definidos

Just as we studied the four forms for indefinite articles, we have four forms of definite articles-

  • For masculine singular nouns- 'el'

  • For masculine plural nouns- 'los'

  • For feminine singular nouns- 'la'

  • For feminine plural nouns- 'las'

Common Blunder-

'El' is a definite article and 'él' means he, the pronoun.


  • When feminine singular nouns start with 'a' or 'ha', we use 'el' to not stress the syllable a.

Eg., El agua

  • El with prepositions 'a' and 'de' shorten to-

a + el = al

de + el = del

Eg., Casa del papel

  • When we learnt about indefinite articles, we saw that in certain situations we drop the articles, but the exact opposite is true for definite articles. we add articles to nouns in a general sense.

Eg., Me gustan los chocolates.

In English we wouldn't say I like 'the' chocolates.

  • The definite article is used when talking about-

    1. Animals

    2. People and their titles

    3. Abstract qualities

    4. Colours

    5. Days of the week

    6. Body parts

    7. Meals of the day

    8. Game sand sports

    9. Time

    10. Date

Comment below with your sentences using articles!

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